Life Update and Poem

Life update: I’ve moved to Cambridge to do an MPhil in Philosophy. More on that in another post. I’m at Trinity College, hence the picture.

No philosophy to share, yet. But here’s a poem I wrote at the Sidgwick Site:

Plant one flower. After,
don't look down at your feet.
Stumble, stumble your way, head up
to the sky. Gaze at it—allow yourself
to wonder. Why?

I am here. Sit with me, with that.
Feeling we are together, we too
can move with the music of the universe. 
Dark and deceiving—
can you feel it in your bones?

Mine are too brittle now.
Stumbled too much.
I forgot about the night's sky,
how to look outward, how to see.

I thought I was feeling. That was 
the problem: I was.

I am. Here,
lay down next to me.
I can't see you, but we can watch the stars and tremble.

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