What I’m reading (June 2021)

Entrepreneur/VC blogs

A lot of good stuff here. Even if you’re not interested in tech/start-ups/investing, these blogs are worth checking out for general wisdom. Plus they humanize the people behind some very impressive and influential companies.

(1) Paul Graham’s blog

Graham is a successful founder, but you probably know him because he started Y-Combinator. Check out his essays–he highlights some favorites on the site.

(2) Patrick Collison’s website

CEO and co-founder of Stripe (which is worth about $95 billion)–and he’s in his early thirties. His site is loaded with great content: booklists, article links, other interesting people. The “Questions” tab features questions (and answers) such as, “Why are certain things getting so much more expensive?” and “What’s the successor to the book? And how could books be improved?”

What makes him qualified to answer such questions, I don’t know. But the site will get you thinking (even if the thought is just “I can do that!”).


I am hesitant to post this one because there have been so many articles on friendship this past year: why they’re important, what the pandemic has done to them, etc.

But if you somehow missed the deluge of articles on the topic, this is where you should start:

(3) “Treasure Them,” by Pam Weintraub

You get the basic overview of the friendship literature: Dunbar’s number, impact on well-being etc.–but she also gets into comparing friends’ love to other types of love: romantic and familial. Two examples: we have more in common with our friends than our lovers, and we feel comfortable talking to our friends about more things than with our families. Overall, the piece makes a good case to, as the title suggests, treasure your friends.


(4) Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay

I haven’t started this one yet, so stay tuned for the review.

I have, however, read Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body, her memoir about her body. This was a 10/10 book. It’s about fat and fat stigma, sexism, and family. Roxane Gay is a superb writer.

Read last month’s list here.

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