Guest Post: Naomi Shifrin’s Lesson Learned

A continuation of the Lessons Learned series. Naomi Shifrin (Singer and undergraduate student, Princeton University): COVID-19 was a spiritual shock. We, the human race, received perspective in the form of a harsh and deep truth: we are not in control of the happenings of the universe. This was the year I exited the beaten pathContinue reading “Guest Post: Naomi Shifrin’s Lesson Learned”

You can now smoke weed legally in New York. But should you?

Last month New York became the 15th US state to legalize recreational marijuana. People can now possess up to 3g, smoke it wherever they’re allowed to smoke cigarettes, and grow their own. This is a big win for racial justice. New Jersey was the first state to make a racial-justice-based argument for legalization (my colleagueContinue reading “You can now smoke weed legally in New York. But should you?”